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Taking Advantage of Website Custom Audience

Would it be awesome if you can show Facebook Ads to people that viewed specific pages of your website? target those visited your website with certain time frame? or just exclude some of your website visitors?

With Facebook’s Website Custom Audience it is really possible!

According to Jon Loomer, there are basic ways to use the Website Custom Audience;

1. Build a Fan Base

2. Drive Relevant Website Traffic

3.  Build an Email List

4. Sell Products

5. Exclude Current Customers

6. Create a Funnel

In this post, I will teach you the basic steps on how to set-up your Website Custom Audience (WCA)

Creating WCA Pixel

In order to use the power of WCA, a pixel should be installed in you website. First thing to do is create your tracking pixel by going to the ads manager.



After clicking “Audiences” click “Create Audience”


Then click “Custom Audience”



You will be asked which type of custom audience you will create. Click “Website Traffic”


After you click “Website Traffic” the code will be displayed. If you know some HTML skills then you can install at your own or if you have no idea you can send it to your webmaster.


Then click “Create Audience”.


Setting Up WCA Rules

After you click “Create Audience”, you will now set the rules of your audience. This is most important part of setting up WCA for your campaigns.

1. Anyone who visits your website

The default targeting in WCA is people that visited your website for the last 30 days.


2. People who visit specific web pages

Aside from website visitors, you can also target people that visited specific pages of you site.



Then choose from ” URL contains” or “URL equals”.


If you choose “URL contains” , you may include part only of the URL that you want to be monitored while if “URL equals” you must indicate the exact URL.


3. People visiting specific webpages but not others

In this type of WCA, you will exclude people that visited specific webpages by indicating the URL keyword or exact URL.


4. People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time.

You can also target those people that did not come back to your site. WCA can get people in the last 180 days but haven’t back. This is very useful in reminding people to visit your site for new promos and offers.



5. Custom WCA

 The last type of WCA is the Custom. It is the combination of type 2 and type 3 WCA’s with optional multiple URL entries. This type of WCA is best in driving your prospects to a funnel.


In the Power Editor, in the creation of Ad Sets, you can easily call out the WCA’s that you created.


There you go. The amazing power of Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences!

Now its your turn! Let me know your experience about WCA or do you have questions about my post?

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