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Mastering Evernote

There are lots of software out there that perform notetaking and archiving. I use Evernote and so far my experience is awesome!

There are two features that I really love in Evernote:

1. Clipping articles or any website content and immediately save it to your Evernote notebook.

2. Perform screenshots easily and make it as your note. Unlike the conventional “CTRL + PRINT SCREEN”, Evernote cuts the hassle in doing screenshots with its “create a screenshot ” note  feature.

Since almost everyone is using Evernote you can solve all your Evernote problems by “Googling” it out. I love to share my knowledge and help other people master Evernote. So, here is a tutorial on how to use Evernote. The No.1 notetaking and archiving app ever develop so far!

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