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How You Can Receive SMS Notifications For New Phone Leads Using Zapier

In many instances, you want automatic notification for every lead that you collect especially if you are collecting phone numbers because there is a small window of opportunity to interact and close a sale to that person.

Thus, if you don't receive automatic notifications for every new phone lead, you are leaving money on the table.

One way to solve this is to set up a system that will send you an SMS notification every time you collect a new phone lead.

In this blog post, I will show to you how you can receive SMS notifications for new phone leads using Zapier.


Here's what the process looks like.

But why Drip is here?

Even if we want to set up an automatic notification via SMS, we still want to have something that will store our leads for future nurturing.

For the benefit of those people that don't know what Drip is. It is a lightweight email automation tool that goes head-to-head with Aweber, Mailchimp, and Active Campaign.

I like Drip because it has better features like:

1. Better user interface.
2. Event tracking
3. "If, Then" Rules
4. Create automated campaigns using visual workflow builder
5. Web nurturing, web analytics and much more!

Now, back to our automation overview.

To set up the whole system, you need to have an account of the following:

1.Thrive Themes -->This is what we use to create the Opt-in form.

Note: Free account for Zapier, Drip and Twilio is fine.Opt-In Form

First, we need to create the Opt-in form via Thrive Themes.

Name Lead Group and hit "ADD LEAD GROUP"

Create new opt-in form

We want pop-up type of opt-in form so we need to choose Lightbox.

Start editing the content of the form.

This is the initial look of the form. It needs modification that will match our need.

Start connecting the form to Drip.

We need to specify which mailing list the lead information will be saved.

Important Note: Drip calls Mailing List as Campaigns.

After that, set-up which fields will be shown in the opt-in form.

The final look of the opt-in form will look like this.

Create a second state of the form for the thank you pop-up.

Nice! Our opt-in form is ready to go!

Let's connect this opt-in form to Zapier.

We'll go to the notifications manager of Thrive Themes.

Choose Email Sign Up as trigger of the notification and identify which Lead Group the opt-in form belong.

At Zapier, create a Zap and choose Webhooks as  the trigger.

When this pop-up appears,  just click Continue.

Copy the custom webhook URL.

Paste the url to the Notifications Manager of Thrive Themes and hit save.

Great! Now Thrive Themes and Zapier is connected to each other.

This time we'll set up Twilio.

Inside Zapier, go to "Connected Accounts" add Twilio.

Enter Account SID and Auth Token provided by Twilio.

​After connecting Twilio to Zapier, we'll get our Twilio Phone Number.

Keep that phone number because we'll use it in setting up the Zap.

After setting up the webhook as our Zap trigger, let's set up Twilio as the next action.

Nice! Now, the Zap set-up is complete and once a lead will submit his number via the opt-in form, Twilio will send us an SMS notification.

Do you want more? Watch out for my upcoming blog for more automation set-up.

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