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How Growthworks Solutions Lowered Cost Lead From $22.49 to $8.22

Note: All campaign data, ad images and landing page screenshots were posted with permission.

KISS: Keep it simple and stupid

This is a design principle noted by the U.S Navy wherein SIMPLICITY is the key goal.

When I work with clients on their Facebook Ads, I always ask myself how can I solve their problems using the most simple and effective solution.

In this blog post, I will show to you how I helped Growthworks Solutions lowered their cost lead on Facebook Ads from $22.49 to $8.22


Leah Neaderthal, the founder of Growthworks Solutions was running Facebook Ads to sent people to a landing page that offer a free pdf download.

Unfortunately, her cost per click was $5-6 and she wants to lower it to $2-3 or less. So, she contacted me to help her out.


Leah showed me the ad that she used. It looks like this:

and the landing page looks very nice. (I need to screenshot the landing page into 3 different parts so that I can show the texts clearly.)

We did a total makeover of her Facebook Ad which now contains a hero shot, the cover and the promise of the pdf download.

For the audience targeting, I created three groups based on her inputs during our strategy sessions.

I reviewed the campaign objective that Leah used and it was set to "Post Engagement". So, in the new campaign, the objective was set to "Conversions".


We ran the new campaign for three days using the improved ad creative, enhanced targeting and right campaign objective.

The campaign spent $89.96 and got 4 conversions at $22.49 cost per lead.

It was pretty obvious that cost per lead is too high but the cost per click decreased from $5-6 cost to $0.52!

We didn't stop there.

If we analyze the data, the campaign was good at getting people to click on the ad but the landing page was not effective asking their name and email.

Leah made some adjustments by moving the call-to-action button above the fold and eliminating unwanted parts of the landing page.

We ran the second wave of the campaign and on the first week, we saw better results.

Cost per click increased from $0.52 to $3.85 but this is still within our target which is below $5-6.

We continued running the campaign and tested a total of 9 audience groups to get the very best result.

Here's the summary of the second wave of the campaign:

Total Spent: $723.09
Leads Collected: 88
Cost Per Lead: $8.22
Cost Per Click: $1.82
Click Through Rate: 1.09%

The best performing group was a combination of Interests and Lookalike Audience of Leah's existing email list.

Here are my key lessons learned:


Try to improve the ad creative (Ad Image and copy) if you are having trouble in your Cost Per Click.If the ad does not look appealing to the target audience, you need to pay more to make them click on your ad.


Check your landing page if the Call-To-Action button appears above the fold. This may affect the conversion rate and thus the cost per lead.


If possible, keep it simple.
Make improvements on the obvious parts and make changes one step at a time.

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