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Generating Facebook Campaign Reports At AdEspresso

After you read my previous post about creating Facebook campaigns in AdEspresso I know you are so pumped up now to learn how to generate Facebook campaign reports at AdEspresso. Please take note that those Facebook campaigns that you made using Power Editor can be imported but some features and statistics are not available. If you want to have complete access to features then you need to create campaigns inside AdEspresso.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start creating Facebook campaign reports!

Getting Familiar

First, let us be familiar on the different tabs.


The Dashboard tab will show you important summary of results from your campaign. You can find here the following;

1. Delivery overview- You can see the number of users reached and frequency they saw your ads.

2. Top Factors-these are parts of your ad that give utmost impact. In the image below, wherein top factor is the ad text, you can see at the right side which ad text performs the best and the least. You have the the option to stop that ad text that is not performing well.



3.  Best Period and Top Ads- Here you can  see the best day of the week and best time of the day your campaign is performing. This is measured  in CTR, CTC, Clicks and Impressions. A grid of ads that are performing well is located at the right hand side. In the sample campaign below, mobile news feed ads are performing well.



And here’s something that will really amaze you!

When you hover your mouse on the top performing ads. They will flip and the you can see the details why they are performing well.



4. Goals/Conversions-This is a quick overview of the overall performance of the entire campaign particularly impressions, clicks and goal.



All Ads

If you are very familiar with Facebook Ads Manager your first glance in All Ads tab will give you idea that it is like the Ad Set tab.



Here’s what you see in All Ads tab.


While here’s at Facebook Ads Manager.  Lookalike right?



You can find here the tracking pixels that were associated on your campaign.Screenshot_012115_095457_PM


There is a quick “email to webmaster” feature in order to sent tracking pixels faster.



In the reports section of  Facebook Ads Manager, you can choose multiple campaigns and perform comparison between them. In Compare tab of AdEspresso, you still have comparisons but you are given help to decide which campaign is performing.

You can have a quick overview of the audience for each campaign.



When you analyze the statistical data, you can see a trophy icon on the winning campaign.




If you want to view the overall information about your campaign like start/end date, daily budget, creatives and audience targeting then you should go the the Summary tab.


Ad texts, headlines and landing page links are presented.


 Ads Reporting

This is the most awaited part! Now that you are now familiar with the different tabs of AdEspresso, we shall move now in generating ads report for our campaigns.

To start, click Ads reporting.


To know the performance of your ad images partnered with different ad texts, you must set these parameters;

Primary  stat=Image

Secondary stat= Text

Graph Metric= Click through (you can also choose different metrics based on your preference)

After you set the parameters/stats click the Graph it! button.


Results will be shown immediately.


The bars represent Ad text performance if coupled to the Ad image. In the lower part of this graph, a tabulated table is shown that gives more detailed information about the Ad images.


This is really helpful when you want to choose which Ad image is effective and working.

On the other hand , to know the performance of your ad texts partnered with different Ad images, you must set these parameters;

Primary  stat=Text

Secondary stat= Image

Graph Metric= Click through (you can also choose different metrics based on your preference)



On the graph below, you can see the performance of Ad texts paired with different Ad images. The bars represent the Ad Images.


The detailed data table will be show below the graph.


You can quickly pinpoint which Ad text is performing well.

That’s it!

I know you feel energized and excited about this!  AdEspresso is really a good tool for automating your Facebook ads and helps you decide to get the most out from your campaigns.

Now your turn. You can get a trial account and see for yourself the amazing features of   AdEspresso.

Happy advertising!


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