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Facebook Page Optimization Part 1

In order to express my love of organic products and its benefits to people, I created last September 2014 ChooseOrganicPh–a Facebook fanpage . This page has the objective to give tips and advice on the benefits of choosing organic foods. Fans will know the latest trends and breakthroughs in the organic world and discuss with other people their experience of organic products.The page got 50 page likes after 1 week. Obviously, the page likes were all from my Friends List in Facebook and it gave little contentment on my part. The “campaign” for page likes was exhausting–chatting to friends and asking to like my page, searching the web for blogs and preparing the images to be shared. Until some point, I became tired. The last post was October 2014.

In pursuit of success in social media marketing. I took the VA2013 (Virtual Assisstant Training) and VA202 (Work at Home and Business Gold Rush Seminar-Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing) by Jomar Hilario and Jay McLean. It gave me the spark and inspiration to reinvent and improve ChooseOrganicPh.

Join me in transforming ChooseOrganicPh into a high-content and engaging Facebook page.

Likes will increase and leads will be gathered!


According to Jon Loomer, Facebook page likes are very important. It gives you opportunity to reach fans that care about your services/product and they are ready to buy them. The important factor to consider is the quality of these fans. If you got your fans through dishonest means then you should not expect more from them.


Before we begin optimizing ChooseOrganicPh, let us know its current status. This is important in tracking our success.

1. The page has 50 likes only.

2. Profile picture is not centered.

3. Cover Photo is not unique and appealing.

4. Texts on the cover photo are not properly placed and blocked by other elements.


There are also items that needs improvement.

5. Posts are not engaging

6. The page is not giving clear content and there is no regular schedule of posting.



Upon checking the Insights Page, there were more things revealed.

7. No increase in page likes for almost two months!

8. Zero net likes for two months!





Plans for Improvement

Based on the assessment taken above, I have come up plans for improvement.

1. Modify Cover and Profile photo that suits the objective of the page and gives more impact to viewers.

2. Create a stream of content that encourages interaction and engagement. Make a list of categories of posts that the followers are interested and post them following a schedule throughout the week.

3. Allocate at least 1 hour per day to monitor the page and interact to followers.

4. Promote the Facebook page using Facebook ads.

Taking the Action

1. There are  several tools and websites that can be used in creating and modifying photos for Facebook. This time we will use Canva and extract images from pixabay . The images should be free for commercial use and no need for attribution.


Canva is an important tool for social media managers since it has a design template for Facebook cover photo and other social media accounts. You can choose lots of free text designs that can be added in images.


Uploading the new cover photo design and re-positioning the profile photo, ChooseOrganicPh has become more attractive and the photos are mouth-watering and unique. The page viewer will feel “hungry” and “craving” for organic foods.



2. According to social media examiner, to regularly produce high content posts, you should make a list of categories that make the audience interested then sub-categories will be assigned in each main category. In our case, I listed 5 categories with at least 2 subcategories each.

      1.  Nutrients and Minerals

            1.1 Best source of nutrients and minerals

            1.2 Benefits

      2. Fruits and Vegetables

            2.1 Where to find?

            2.2 Benefits

      3. Organic Farming

             3.1  Types of organic farming

            3.2  News and Innovation

       4. Exercise/Workouts

              4.1   Top workout professionals

             4.2   Techniques

        5. Diseases and Cure

               5.1 Causes of diseases

              5.2 Natural cure

      The categories will be posted in the following styles;

               1. How to

               2. Top 10 List

               3. Opinion

               4. Feature of the week

               5. Trivia of the week

The posts will be scheduled using Hootsuite–a social media dashboard that enable social media marketers manage multiple social media sites. (See my tutorial of Hootsuite). An alternative is to use the Post Schedule feature of Facebook.



3. According to bufferapp,  engagement is 18% higher on Thursday and Friday while on weekends engagement is 32% higher. In order to take advantage on this statistics, ChooseOrganicPh  posts will be scheduled within Thursday to Sunday. The one-hour checking of Facebook page will be between 9am to 7pm.


The part 2 of this article will report on the performance of ChooseOrganicPh after implementing  steps 1 to 3. 

We will also create a Facebook ad using Power Editor that will promote ChooseOrganicPh for Page likes and lead generation.

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