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Facebook Campaign Case Study-Changes

In my previous post  wherein we found out that our first run of  Facebook campaign got ZERO conversions, I mentioned that there were changes in the marketing strategy and got skyrocket success!

Let us bring them down one by one..

Landing Page

The previous campaign used Landing Page Monkey as the platform in making the landing page. This time we used Leadpages–one of the leading landing page creator platform today. Although the new platform costs higher they have templates that are actually tested in the industry and they really converting!

This is our old landing page using Landing Page Monkey


When the “Download Free” button is clicked a pop-up will appear.


When a name and email address is submitted, the thank you page is shown.


The name and email is passed to the email autoresponder software (NetProsoft) then a confirmation email is sent to the owner of the email.

On the other hand, this is the new landing page using Leadpages.


When the “Get My FREE DOWNLOAD” is clicked the pop-up for the opt-in will appear.


When the name and email is entered. A thank you page will appear with the download link of the freebie.



Please be reminded that there is no email autoresponder involved in the new process. The emails collected is automatically send to a designated email address of the landing page admin (that’s me). In this procedure, there is not checking process if the email collected is really legitimate or not.

Audience Targeting 

In this campaign, we implemented segmentation in targeting our audience (You can check my previous post about audience segmentation).


We segmented the audience into age groups. In this manner, we will know which which age group converts well and at the same time our ads can have more focused targeting rather running a broad age group.

Optimization and Pricing

In the previous campaign, we used oCMP as optimization setting and pricing is automatic bidding. We were hoping that Facebook will help us optimize the performance of our ads but it turned out against our expectations.

The new campaign implemented CPC optimization with manual setting of price we are willing to pay per click. This strategy is very helpful since we are “testing the waters” without breaking the budget.


Facebook Ads Used

Instead of creating multiple ads per Ad set like we did in the first campaign, the new strategy is running one type of ad per Ad Set. The new campaign have three Ad sets so there will be three ads with the the same ad image, text etc.

This is the ad used for the new campaign.



That’s it!! 

In my next post I will show you the results after the changes introduced in the campaign. Are you excited? I bet you are!

Do you have questions or clarifications on the changes that I made above? Please contact me using the form below. I will be happy to answer your questions.

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