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Facebook Ads Reporting For Your Clients

In my previous post  Creating A Powerful Facebook Ad Using Power Editor , I gave you the basics and important aspects in creating a Facebook ad using Power Editor. I showed ideas how to create the landing page, thank you page, email storage tool (mailchimp), setting up the conversion-tracking tool and many more.


The main objective was to generate leads (Website Conversions)  for HappyMoms. The daily budget was 40.0 Philippine Peso (If converted, equivalent to 1.0 US Dollar) and will run from November 21, 2014 (5:30PM) until November 22, 2014 (9:00PM). But when the ad started running I saw that it reached 3000+ people, I increased the daily budget tp 60.00 Philippine Peso (1.5 US Dollar) and extended the schedule to November 23, 2014 (9:00PM)

Now the ad has completed running and reporting its the performance will be next.  Jon Loomer suggested that reporting Facebook ad performance should be monthly in order have ample time to capture the results from changes in ad strategy and optimization. Even if we did not have 1 month data for our campaign, we will show our results for learning purposes.

Conversion Report

By default, there are 15 columns that are  shown in the Facebook Ads Reporting. Some of these are not important to the clients so we will customize this report according to their needs.



According to Jon Loomer, there are 5 useful columns that should be shown in conversion report. These are;

1. Delivery & Spend: Frequency

2. Delivery & Spend: Amount Spent

3. Actions: Website Clicks

4. Actions: Website Conversions

5. Cost Per Action: Cost Per Website Conversion

Now we will customize our reporting according to the above columns.


You will see that we  included “Reach”. Aside from Frequency and Amount Sent that Jon Loomer suggested, we will include Reach because it  is very important data that gives Clients idea how many were reached in Facebook using the campaign or ad.







Report Analysis

We have created and saved our preferences. Next is the most important part — Analysis.



Based on the statistics shown, our ad that ran 2 days and cost us 123.30 Philippines Pesos (3.01 US Dollars)  reached 9,189 Facebook users all over Philippines. Although we did not get any conversions we got 14 views on our landing page.  In addition, the ad got 22 likes and HappyMoms Facebook Page got 5 likes and 42 page engagements. Not bad for a Facebook ad without any optimization done!




To further improve the performance of our campaign, we will use “Audience Insights”. This will help us understand more the behavior of our target market thus making our campaign more specific and effective. In addition, we will add a mobile responsive landing page to increase our reach from Desktop to Mobile News Feed.

In the coming days, I will post about “Audience Insights” and implement it to our campaigns.


Its your turn!!..I will be happy if you share your experience in Facebook ads reporting!

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