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Drilling Down Ad Audience Using Facebook Audience Insights

In my previous post that talked about ad audience segmentation. I taught you how to effectively handle large sized ad audience by creating multiple Ad Sets that target according to Platform, Gender and Age Range.

However, Is it possible to avoid large sized audience but still have the confidence that you are targeting the right people?

The answer is YES!

With the help of Audience Insights we can drill down and target our right ad audience. No matter how large sized your ad audience if it is not correctly targeted you will get nothing from it. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.


Let’s say that you want to target people that has the interest of teaching preschoolers in the US. So lets go to Audience Insights.


The location should be targeted to United States and then the Age range is 25-Any. Why chose that kind of age range? Well, from your initial conditions, you don’t have any target age range. For me, if you plan to sell in this audience, 25 is at least stable in terms of financial status.

So what interests will be inputted in the Interests Tab?

Lets use  the power of Facebook Search!

As starting point, lets use “teaching preschool” as the keyword for your search.

Results will be presented then click “See More


A list of Facebook Pages will be shown. You can see the pages that are related to  “teaching preschool” . You must find in the list the page that got the highest or has a great amount of likes.

In our search results, Teach Preschool got 1 Million+ likes. This is what we are looking for!



Go back to Audience Insights and type Teach Preschool in the Interests tab.  Then click “Page Likes”

A list of FB Pages is generated that is most likely relevant to the audience that you created.  Open and inspect at least the top 5 pages and see if the content inside them are really relevant to what you are looking for.


Make sure the affinity number of each page is high. Affinity number tells you how most likely your created audience likes the given page (in our example, it is Teach Preschool).


In summary, in order to target people that has the interest of teaching preschoolers in the US, we will use the following targeting parameters.

Location: United States

Age: 25-65

Interests: Teach Preschool, Pre K pages, Teaching Ideas, Learning 4 Kids.

Potential Audience Reach: 720,000 people

Suppose that you don’t know how to do the steps that were presented above and you use these targeting parameters instead.

Location: United States

Age: 25-65

Interests: Kindergarten, Preschool, Teacher

Potential Audience Reach: 22,000,000 people !!

That is 22,000,000 people versus 720,000 people!

By following the steps above, you have drilled down your target audience and just saved your time and money by presenting your ads to the right people.

Now. Your turn! You can try different niches or do you have other strategy on how to effectively target your audience?

You can contact me directly or use the contact form below.

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