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Creating Facebook Campaigns in AdEspresso

In my previous post entitled AdEspresso For Your Facebook Ads , I introduced AdEspresso-a simple but powerful Facebook Ads Manager. Now, I will show how to create Facebook campaigns using this ads manager.

So lets’s get started!

As requirement, you should create a trial account.



Enter your credentials and your 30-day free trial is all set!




Create Campaign

Once you have set up your account details, log in and you can see your dashboard. Click “New Campaign” to start making your campaigns.


Enter your campaign name then choose which billing account (Note: Billing account=Ad Account)


If you drop down the “Create Campaign” page, you will be asked “What do you want to promote?”. Well your answer depends on your campaign objective. Let’s assume that we want conversions in our website so we will choose “Website” and Facebook Ad Type will be “News feed”. Then click “Proceed” to go the next process.



Ads Design

After you clicked “Proceed” , you will be directed to the next stage of campaign creation–Ads Design.


First requirement at Ads Design page is the Facebook Page that you will use to publish your ads. You can drop down and choose the appropriate page.

Next is the most exciting part in creating a Facebook campaign in AdEspresso. You can put multiple Ad headlines that you want to use! In addition, you can also add more Ad texts, images and landing page URLs! AdEspresso will automatically create different combinations of your headlines, texts, images and landing page URLs. This is one feature that Facebook Power Editor lacks. For an ordinary advertiser, creating multiple ads in order to create different variations in Power Editor is really time consuming.


At the later part of the page, you will input the Link Description, Display Link, then choose Call To Action and select placement of the ads that will be created.


And finally, you will choose which Facebook conversion pixel to be used by the ads. Don’t forget to click “Proceed” when you are finished.


The Audience Page of AdEspresso is much the same as Facebook Power Editor. They have different interface but the concept is still the same. For me, no special features is worth noting.





But wait..when you click “Proceed”, a pop up will show asking you which targeting options you want to test.


In our sample campaign, I chose Placement (Desktop or Mobile) then AdEspresso  will compute how many Facebook Ads will be created. In our campaign, there are 48 Ads created. That’s a lot! In an ordinary Facebook Power Editor, this will take me hours to create those ads.

Budget and Bidding

After you decide which targeting option you want to test. You will then move to Budget and Bidding page.



For me, the page is simpler than Facebook Power Editor. Still you can select the daily budget, start-end date and bidding type. Optimized CPM is the default bidding the same as Power Editor. Usually, I choose optimized CPM to take leverage on  Facebook’s algorithm to select users that most likely meet my campaign objective.


This is the last part in creating a Facebook campaign in AdEspresso. This page will let you review the things that you inputted for the whole campaign. When you click “Publish to Facebook”, the ads will be submitted to Facebook for approval (the same process as using Facebook Power Editor).



There you have it! You now know how to create Facebook Campaigns! On the next post, I will show you how to generate Facebook campaign reports AdEspresso and use the feature in comparing different Facebook campaigns.

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