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Make Online Surveys FREE! Use Google Forms

I think the most under rated google office suite is the Google Forms. Only few utilizes the capabilities of Google Forms. I use Google Forms in making online surveys and forms (Ex. Sign up form). The collected data is then passed to Google Sheets where you can tabulate and conduct analysis. This 100+page tutorial tackles […]

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Mastering Evernote

There are lots of software out there that perform notetaking and archiving. I use Evernote and so far my experience is awesome! There are two features that I really love in Evernote: 1. Clipping articles or any website content and immediately save it to your Evernote notebook. 2. Perform screenshots easily and make it as […]

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Hootsuite Tutorial–Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Today we have lots of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and all sorts of. How do you manage them all? I bet you open them in your internet browser using different tabs and the clutter begins! Do you wish you have a tool that you can integrate all your social media accounts? […]

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Discovering Google Drive

Imagine your personal hard drive placed in the internet. A document edited the same time by people from different parts of the world. Your personal files you can access using the internet. Let us discover Google Drive! Released on 2012, Google Drive is an online storage system offered by Google. It is the home of […]

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