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Generating Facebook Campaign Reports At AdEspresso

After you read my previous post about creating Facebook campaigns in AdEspresso I know you are so pumped up now to learn how to generate Facebook campaign reports at AdEspresso. Please take note that those Facebook campaigns that you made using Power Editor can be imported but some features and statistics are not available. If you […]

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Creating Facebook Campaigns in AdEspresso

In my previous post entitled AdEspresso For Your Facebook Ads , I introduced AdEspresso-a simple but powerful Facebook Ads Manager. Now, I will show how to create Facebook campaigns using this ads manager. So lets’s get started!

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AdEspresso For Your Facebook Ads

Indeed Power Editor is really far better than Boost Post. It gives advertisers the power to choose audience demographics, decide on budget, leverage on dayparting and many more! An advertiser’s bestfriend in Facebook Marketing. But have you ever think that you need more features that Power Editor is giving? Features like creating and testing HUNDREDS […]

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Targeting Facebook Ad Audiences Through Job Titles

I was so inspired how Facebook Ad targeting so powerful. You can target your Ad audience even on the vehicle that they own! (Here’s a post by Jon Loomer on how to do it). In this post, I will show how to target Facebook Ad audience through there job titles instead! Sounds exciting?

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Creating More Facebook Ads And Landing Pages

This post is related to my previous post, Creating A Powerful Facebook Ad Using Power Editor. In that post, I created only one Facebook ad paired with only one Landing Page (platform used was Unbounce). In this post, I will show how  I created multiple Facebook Ads and Landing pages in order to perform A/B testing.

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