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Taking Advantage of Website Custom Audience

Would it be awesome if you can show Facebook Ads to people that viewed specific pages of your website? target those visited your website with certain time frame? or just exclude some of your website visitors? With Facebook’s Website Custom Audience it is really possible! According to Jon Loomer, there are basic ways to use […]

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Drilling Down Ad Audience Using Facebook Audience Insights

In my previous post that talked about ad audience segmentation. I taught you how to effectively handle large sized ad audience by creating multiple Ad Sets that target according to Platform, Gender and Age Range. However, Is it possible to avoid large sized audience but still have the confidence that you are targeting the right […]

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Facebook Ad Audience Segmentation

You are great Facebook Marketer! You create outstanding Ad Headlines, Ad Texts and Images including incredible landing pages. One day you got this new niche and found out that the ad audience size is more than 1 million Facebook users.  As usual you create one Facebook Ad that you think very interesting to your audience. But […]

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Generating Facebook Campaign Reports At AdEspresso

After you read my previous post about creating Facebook campaigns in AdEspresso I know you are so pumped up now to learn how to generate Facebook campaign reports at AdEspresso. Please take note that those Facebook campaigns that you made using Power Editor can be imported but some features and statistics are not available. If you […]

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Creating Facebook Campaigns in AdEspresso

In my previous post entitled AdEspresso For Your Facebook Ads , I introduced AdEspresso-a simple but powerful Facebook Ads Manager. Now, I will show how to create Facebook campaigns using this ads manager. So lets’s get started!

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