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Case Study: The New Autoresponder

It was found out in my latest Facebook Ads campaign that having no autoresponder authentification of collected names and emails is really a drawback. So I decided that I will implement a very familiar and effective email autoresponder system in town–Get Response!

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Facebook Campaign Case Study-Improvements

My previous posts entitled Faceboook Campaign Case Study-Changes showed you the changes made in the first campaign in order to achieve the target objective–to get prospects by getting names and emails. The changes were made on the Landing Page, Audience Targeting,  Ad Quantity, Optimization and Pricing. The new Facebook campaign has completed the running schedule and […]

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Facebook Campaign Case Study-Changes

In my previous post  wherein we found out that our first run of  Facebook campaign got ZERO conversions, I mentioned that there were changes in the marketing strategy and got skyrocket success! Let us bring them down one by one..

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Facebook Campaign Case Study-Analyzing The Results

Welcome to the second part of my case study! In the first part wherein I showed how I set-up a Facebook campaign , you were able to see the settings, budgeting and creation of the landing page of the whole campaign. In this second part, you will see the results of the campaign and how we […]

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Facebook Campaign Case Study-Setting Up

I am very happy right now for me and you guys because I was given permission to show the strategy and techniques I did for one of my clients in her Facebook Ads campaign. Although this campaign is only one of those campaigns that we are doing, a lot of lessons will be learned. I […]

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