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Building Facebook Audience In Graph Search

One of the big problems of first time Facebook advertisers is the difficulty in building Facebook audience and gain authority. This is very common for newly built Facebook pages that merely have less than 10 likes. Some resort in buying Facebook ads and sent it to cheap countries in order to gain “Likes”. Basically, I call these as “Fake” likes since these “Likers” really do not care about your product or service. They are all low quality audience and in business perspective you should not expect more from them.

In this blog post we will apply one of Jon Loomer’s  steps on how to build a Facebook audience from scratch.

According to Jon Loomer, we can use Facebook’s Graph Search in learning more about the audience of our products or services.

But what is Graph Search?

Released on January 2013, Graph Search intends to help Facebook users find people, photos, places and interests that are most relevant to them.

How will Graph Search help us build an audience?

1. First step is to come up at least two Facebook Pages that is serving similar service or product of yours. In other words, Facebook Pages of your competitors.

Now find out what Pages that their fans also like by performing a search.

(Let us use my own Facebook Page–HappyMoms and generate a relevant audience for it) 

In searching, we can use;

“Pages liked by people who like Bo Sanchez and Kris Aquino”


The results got more than 10 pages. Now choose those pages that have >1 Million likes.

1. Philippine Airlines


3. Team Kramer


5. Choose Philippines

6. Our Mother of Perpetual Help

7. Del Monte Kitchenomics

8. GMA News

9. Vice Ganda

10. Angel Locsin

11. Zalora Philippines

12. Vhong Navarro

2. For the second step, we will use;

“Games played by people who like bo sanchez and kris aquino”


There are 3 games appeared;

1. Candy Crush Saga

2. Farm Heroes Saga

3. Tetris Battle

3. The information that we got from step 1 and 2 will be used in our FB ads targeting. In this technique, we can make our ads more specific to our target audience.



There you have it! You are now confident that you have a high quality and relevant Facebook audience for your ads. Thanks to Facebook Graph Search!

Now its your turn. Try it and let me know your experience in gaining audience in Facebook.

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