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Do You Think Your Facebook Ad or Post Gets Ignored Everytime?

Here’s one simple tip you can do to make your Facebook Ads and posts get seen and engaged.  (Credits to Nicholas Kusmich)Tip –> “Convert your colored image to grayscale or black and white”Convert to what???You read it right.Convert your image to grayscale or black and white.Think about it.When you scroll down your newsfeed you get […]

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How You Can Receive SMS Notifications For New Phone Leads Using Zapier

In many instances, you want automatic notification for every lead that you collect especially if you are collecting phone numbers because there is a small window of opportunity to interact and close a sale to that person.Thus, if you don’t receive automatic notifications for every new phone lead, you are leaving money on the table.One […]

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How Growthworks Solutions Lowered Cost Lead From $22.49 to $8.22

Note: All campaign data, ad images and landing page screenshots were posted with permission. KISS: Keep it simple and stupidThis is a design principle noted by the U.S Navy wherein SIMPLICITY is the key goal.When I work with clients on their Facebook Ads, I always ask myself how can I solve their problems using the most […]

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Cost Per Lead Reduced By 36.3% Using Facebook Lead Ads

Business owners usually miss out new and important updates in the Facebook Marketing world because they are busy working on other parts of their business. Often times, they hear new tools and strategies that are coming out but they don’t have the time to beat the learning curve.In this post, I’ll share with you key […]

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Case Study:Lookalike Audience

The latest improvement that I implemented in my Facebook Ad campaigns is the use of Lookalike Audience. So far, it gave me great results. In this post, I will show to you how to create a Lookalike Audience derived from Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel and of course the awesome results that it gave to me!

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